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About Us

Shandong Sunfishing New Material Co., Ltd. has become a globally famed manufacturer and exporter by introducing finely composed, pure and cost-effective additives for PVC Products. Our collection including White PVC Processing Aid, Impact Modifier Powder for PVC Pipe, White OPE Wax Powder, White PVC Compound Stabilizer, Calcium Stearate Powder is marketed under Youdaowax, Ruifengpoly and Repolyfine brand names. We has robust facilities at our Zibo (Shandong Sheng, China) based plant where aforementioned additives are produced in a huge quantity. It is with our quality solutions that we have gained a commendable market share in not solely China but also in Korea, India, America and many more countries.

Technical Support

Our company works with a sense of meeting specific needs of customers, which is why it introduces supremely effective additives. We have a team for conducting researches and making developments for better products that can provide beneficial returns to customers. We own a technical center where tests for raw and finished products are conducted based on rheological properties, mechanical properties, elemental chemical analysis, pH, DSC, MFR, ash, tear strength, hardness, thermal stability, rubber vulcanization properties, rubber aging properties, etc., and more. We posses trial production equipment, using which we come up with newer and better products. We also apply downstream production processes like injection, extrusion, and vulcanization for creation of cost-effective items. 

Product Development 

Production development takes place at our hygiene based production plant following TQM. We have advanced technologies for formulating a variety of additives in bulk quantity and matching customers requirements for urgent delivery. As per advancements, we implement new policies for the development of optimum quality additives.

Research & Development

Our research and development team includes experts of the industry to custom develop formulations, which they believe can immensely benefit industries. These experts are provided with high-tech equipment for innovating products and conducting tests to assure their chemical stability, viscosity, hardness, strength, ageing properties and other factors.

Quality Control 

We boast of our investment in German Production Technology and CIEMENS DCS Control System for testing raw materials and prepared formulations. Our production process conforms with the ISO standards where inspection of raw materials is done prior to use, production equipment are sanitized before use, samples are made and tested before use, samples are stored and again inspected for their effectiveness and then finished product is packed as per order with complete sincerity so that no external elements can affect the quality of our products. 

Our Team

We have a dedicated team of 25 professionals, who carefully ensure the following:

  • Every job work is done in a manner that company goals are successfully attained
  • Support to both national and international customers is provided to delight them better
  • Every promise made in the direction of serving quality White PVC Processing Aid, White PVC Compound Stabilizer, etc., and making fast order deliveries are fulfilled without any hassle.